Monday, April 24, 2006

Deo Gratias

As a melancholic girl, my mood swings in high frequency sometimes (or is it many times???) for no good reason. And I don't really like this, because my mood can easily hijacked the blessing that I shoud've been enjoying.

I know I can't be someone else, and pretend that this mood swing is not part of me, but I realize that it's time for me to start controlling it. I can be melancholic and moody, but in my every ups and down, I want to still be grateful to God.

** My bad mood is my failure to feel His blessing. But I do believe that His blessing is alwyas here in my life. **


Deo Gratias
Thanks to You my Great God ^^


imaginespacedotorg said...

I'm glad I ran into you. This is my biggest problem, too. Everything is going so well, and I feel so in touch with God that all of a sudden it changes to darkness. I'm wondering if it isn't so much mood swings and more just letting down our guard and letting darkness in or being separated from God because we are tired or not watching. It seems to be an exercise like breathing. We have to stay connected to God's positive life force. But it isn't easy. As my favorite Catholic writer, Thomas Merton said: "Christianity needs more eastern wisdom." I had to write to you because I was looking up my favorite Latin phrase: Deo Gratias, and appreciated your wisdom. And if you look at the grave of my other top favorite Catholic writer and woman of good work, Dorothy Day:

I have an interesting new site that is sort of a site for our Church, too.

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Gina said...

Just another melancholic Catholic here :)