Thursday, May 04, 2006

Jesus' Smile

Last week was a full week.
If i describe in short (this is minimum that i can tell) : my good friend lost her mom, I miss home, I had deadlines (to prepare handouts for a camp), I cooked for 200 portions (not instant noodles, I did Cook), I was worried about my project, my report, my supervisor, my parents, and I felt I dissapointed Him (again!!).
// When I typed this, I realize the worries was the part that really make last week feel so full and stuffy ^^;

On Sunday, I came to mass with less than 2 hours sleep on the night before, I thougth I would have to struggle to stay awake. But, guess what? I didn't have to struggle, because I found that the sermon was great. The pastor says things which struck me (in a good way ^^) and really wake me up, not just from my physical drowsiness, but also my spiritual that I realized has been slowing down.

And after communion (I'm a Catholic), I looked at the crucifix, and I saw Jesus smile. It might sounds ridiculuos or over hallucinating coz being on cross, it's hard to imagine that Jesus was smiling. But He did smile to me, and that give me peace and consolation that I really needed.

I realized that I dissapointed Him, but not because of the bad handouts that I prepared, but because I sort of leave Him behind when I was preparing the handouts :(
But He forgive me, and even smile to me.

I felt really blessed. Even the stuffiest (i can't say worst, because it wasn't bad, just full and tiring) week can end up with an uplifted spirit. Just because of His Smile

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JRH said...

I know exactly what you mean, and I have often imagined that Jesus would smile at me - or a statue of Mary would just come to life while I am in adoration, but I know that if I needed it, it would happen... just as - you needed it, and our dear Lord, smiled at you.